Monday, September 1, 2014

The past couple of years, the kids' school has done school pictures a couple of weeks before school starts. At first i was all, "What?! That's weird!" but after the first year, i realized that i really like it, because then i get to bring them, make sure their hair isn't sticking up all over, and make them smile at least somewhat normally. And then afterwards, we come home and i take pictures of them by our house.

This year, it was raining on picture day. We happened to arrive at the school in a short break in the rain, so the kids weren't all drenched-looking in their pictures, but afterwards it was pouring. As we were driving home, i commented, "I guess i won't be taking pictures of you guys this year," and Houston immediately said, "WHAT? You should still take pictures! In fact, you should take pictures of us IN THE RAIN! That would be awesome!"

And so we did.

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