Friday, August 29, 2014

Doctor Who!

Approximately a year and a half ago, i started watching Doctor Who - the reboot, not the old seasons. I fell in love almost immediately and zoomed through the entire series, mostly by staying up WAY too late most nights. Except...then i was finished, and there was no more, and i was sad. So eventually i started watching some of the episodes again. My kids were all, "Can we watch?" I picked out a couple of episodes that i thought were not too scary - one with the Oods (I love the Oods), and ... i don't remember. Katrina and Zane, while they really liked it, found it too scary. They had nightmares and couldn't fall asleep and generally just couldn't quite handle it yet.

Houston, on the other hand, LOVED it. So i started from the beginning with him. It took many months, and we had to do a couple of mini-marathons by the end, but we watched the last episode of season 7 on Monday night, because on Tuesday, our friends were coming over to watch the first episode of season 8.

A month or so ago, Beth and i were talking about ... something to do with one of the things we get totally geeky about, and i mentioned that i'd have a much easier time doing a Doctor Who themed party than, say, The Hunger Games. That immediately led Beth and Houston to "suggest" that we have a party for the first episode of the new season.

The kids were at least excited as i was. Katrina and Zane know who most of the characters and aliens ARE, even if they haven't seen the episodes with, say, the Weeping Angels or the Silence, because they're TERRIFYING. Juanito helped out, even though he doesn't really care about Doctor Who. And Beth made awesome things too, so altogether, we had so much great stuff.

Juanito made the crack in space and time for our wall. I think that's going to be up for a while. It's awesome.

My favorite thing might be the Weeping Angel we made for the bathroom wall. We didn't warn anyone that it was there, and the reactions were AMAZING. Keren and Beth both screamed and jumped. I am a meanie, so i just laughed and laughed at them. I'm still giggling a little bit.

Everyone came. We made little Doctor Who characters out of paper crafts, which was both incredibly frustrating and completely awesome. I love my little Tardis, and i'm still finishing my Weeping Angel, because it's totally worth it. We made pizzas, which were DELICIOUS, and took pictures, and then the youngest two were exhausted and headed up to bed. And the rest of us watched the new Doctor. And lo, he was fantastic.

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