Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Registrations and School Pictures and Vets

Today was a day of much running around. Houston had registration and school pictures this morning, but it was at 9:00 and i had to work at 10:00, so i sent him with Juanito. He got his schedule and his school ID and all of that stuff that needs to be gotten at the beginning of the year. Before he left, he was all, "I really hope i'm in at least SOME classes with Chauncey this year!" When i got home, i asked him if they had any classes together, and he was all, "Oh. I forgot to check with him...."

Work was crazy, because for 3 of the 4 days i was off, they didn't have a "me" filling in, and yesterday, when they had run out of places to put books, they had someone from the main library come out to help, but, according to my coworker, he was "really kind of slow." (I totally want to ask her if it's this one guy that i trained with.) So there were carts full of books, and i totally shelved the last ones 10 minutes before my shift ended.

This afternoon, Katrina and Zane had school registration and school pictures, so as soon as i got home, i grabbed them and we went out to get them signed up for school. I think we went at the perfect time, because we flew through everything faster than we've ever done before.

And then we had a vet appointment for Emma, to get all of her shots and to get her nails clipped and all of that. (Diagnosis: She's a sweetheart and maybe a teeny bit chubby but very healthy.)

And THEN i sent Katrina and Juanito to go pick up Katrina's guinea pigs from the friend who'd been taking care of them.

Katrina has declared tomorrow a "rest day." We shall see.

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