Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Three things

Sometimes, when i'm saying goodnight to the kids, i'll have them tell me three things. I originally meant for it to be about their day, but for some of the kids (*cough*zane*cough*) that's not necessarily interesting. So it can be any three things that they want to tell me about. I'm always a little bit amused at how the things that each kid tells me fits so exactly their personality.

For example, tonight. These are the three things each kid talked about:

1. (List of friends) all got accepted to the same high school as him, but most of them are also applying for either City or another school as well.
2. (Best friend who moved away) said that he's going to visit this summer sometime. Yay!
3. "I won a bet with (best friend who moved away), and so now he has to upload a video of himself doing what i tell him to do: saying that he's insane, laughing hysterically, smashing an egg on his forehead, and eating lettuce with ketchup."

1. Long story about how her friends decided to do the song that she suggested -  "Try" - for the talent show.
2. Long story about how another friend has stolen the idea and is now doing the same song for the talent show.
3. (Sort of friend) wore her Tardis dress to school today, which is really cool, because Katrina wore her Doctor Who shirt to school today too, so it was a very Whovian day.

1. There used to be a dish that they would serve to royal people that had slimy fish and lamprey eels baked into a pie.
2. They used to catapult dead bodies and severed heads into castles to spread disease and terror during wars.
3. There's a dish that they serve at a really fancy restaurant that has gold shavings in it, and it's really expensive.

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  1. Cute picture:)
    When do they find out if they get into City'?
    And Zane - ewww and ewwww