Monday, March 21, 2016

Pinewood Derby!

Saturday was Zane's pinewood derby. He was really proud of his car. He came up with all of the ideas himself - the shape and the color and the blue-painted leather lightning bolt and the flashing red and blue LED lights. It was really cute and totally different from every other car there.

It was also the first car in our family that was fast.

The way they do the races is this: The track has 4 lanes, and everyone races their car in every lane, so every car races 4 times. They race by groups - the oldest group, then the next-oldest, etc. (As you can imagine, it takes forever.) Zane's group had 5 kids, so he raced in every race but one. (Is this making sense?)

Zane won every single race that he was in. We were all, "Yay! He won his heat!" Except that... he didn't. He somehow got second place. I do not understand even a little bit how that is possible, but according to the computer (which is notoriously persnickety and wrong), he lost by .02 seconds. It's really not a big enough deal to question the leaders or make a fuss, but Zane was disappointed. (He did, however, explain to Beth that "It's really supposed to be a gold medal, but it looks like a silver one for some reason.")

The disappointment of getting silver was lessened considerably, because he did unanimously win the gold medal in the leaders' choice for best-looking car. Yay! I'm actually kind of happy that that's the medal he got gold in, because the speed was mostly Juanito's doing, but Zane can totally take credit for the appearance. Woohoo!

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