Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Twitter (and Facebook) updates: Late May through mid-November

Houston, home sick: "I was wiggling my tooth and it started bleeding." Me: "Why were you wiggling it?" Him: "There was nothing else to do."

Houston fell in the river at school. Me: "You...fell in the river." The office ladies: "With your kids, if it's not one thing, it's another!"

(Playing Electric Avenue for the kids)
Me: "This is the first rock song i ever heard!" They seem less than impressed. Losers.

The kids and i were reading. Juanito just walked in with his hand covered in blood and announced, "I cut myself. Just letting you know."

I just told Houston that a strawberry isn't a berry, but a banana is, and i BLEW HIS MIND.

We just spent the past hour and a half watching a house down the street change into a pile of rubble.

My neighbor repeatedly called it "chicken pops," and i ... kind of wish that was the actual name.

I just opened a jar for Zane, and he exclaimed, "WOW! You are IMPRESSIVE! I was struggling with that!" I am stronger than a 3rd grader!

OMG. There is a construction truck that has been beeping for half an hour. Is it driving backwards in circles around the block??

10-year-old neighbor: "Do you got a girlfriend?" 4-year-old neighbor: "No." 10-year-old: "Is that because you're gay?"

Houston just burned his fingers by holding a metal bowl and pouring boiling water into it. Him: "Remind me never to get metal walls."

Houston just said, "Wow! I'm closer to being 20 than to my birth." Me: "You're not allowed to talk anymore."

We wanted to stand by the Bear Butte sign, so we parked and started walking, thinking, "Meh. We haven't seen almost any buffalo at all, so what are the chances of one being RIGHT HERE?" And then a GIANT buffalo suddenly stood up just off the road from us. We all made a dash back to the car and DROVE closer to the sign.

Middle of the afternoon, Katrina randomly decided to take a nap in our bed. Seems like a good plan to me.

We decorated cupcakes for Harry Potter's birthday. Because we're nerds.

Zane got a free icee because he was smashed in the face with a ball. I think he probably thinks it was worth it.

Age 11: Katrina finally decided that she wants a door on her room. So we bought a door, and Juanito's been working on getting so it'll fit.

Blueberry picking! Juanito's haul: 1 blueberry. My haul: 2 pounds. I win. (Mostly because i don't like blueberries.)

There's a gigantic moth in the room, and i'm doing my best to ignore it, but it starting to circle my head, and i might wake everyone up by screaming if it tries to land on me.

Katrina: "The new Dork Diaries book is going to be HOT PINK! I really want to get it, because it will look so cute on my shelf!"

Juanito, trying to set his new watch: "What does this mean? Oooo. What does this mean? Wait...what does this mean?" Katrina: Hands him the instruction book. Girls for the win!

First there was the wind, and that knocked out our power. And then the rain started, and the thunder and lightning. This storm is kind of impressive. (Thankfully our power just came back on.)

Juanito calls our kids weird nicknames, and just today i've heard Houston call Katrina "Trinsel" and Zane call Houston "Hoosely-boosely." I never imagined these nicknames when we named our kids.

With construction in our neighborhood, we can no longer go north, east, OR west from our house. South it is!

Juanito and Zane are camping. Zane's wearing camouflage so that the wolves and bears can't find him.

When Juanito was all, "Hey! Want to go out and do something with me?!" lifting 200 pound pallets was not what i had in mind.

Me: "It's the first day of fall!" Houston: "Thanks a lot, Obama!"

Me: "Seems legit." Katrina: "When did you start saying 'Legit'?" Stop judging my outdated expressions, KATRINA!

Houston wrote me a note: "May i call my friend?" Me: I'm on the phone. Him: I know! That's why i'm writing a note! Me: I'm USING the phone! Him: "Ohhhhh."

Houston has an order form that does carbon copies, and he just realized it, and he is FREAKING OUT from the coolness. "Even the thing i wrote a second ago is copied!! How does that even WORK?!!"

Katrina is upstairs trying on different outfits and taking pictures of herself to see what looks the cutest.

Zane doesn't want to use his hammer, because he doesn't want it to look used. Seems...pointless.

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