Monday, November 2, 2015


Katrina had Heart and Soul after school, and then stayed home from zumba with me tonight, and the two of us snuggled and watched Project Runway and drew pictures.

Zaney got a perfect score on his spelling test, which was awesome...except that it meant that he somehow got more homework, because now he has a harder list, which was devastating to him. So he and i studied for his new spelling words and watched silly YouTube videos occasionally as motivation to keep going.

Houston worked on a writing assignment for history class. He and i might disagree about what constitutes half a page of writing. But if i were his teacher, i'd totally give him bonus points for making it interesting. He totally makes up little bits of information to make things funnier or more interesting. Him: "Is that okay?" Me: "Sure. As long as you're not changing information, it's like you're writing historical fiction!" Him: "This is a real person, MOM."

So it was a normal day. My favorite kind.

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