Saturday, October 24, 2015

Zombie Dash

Last year Juanito, Stephanie, and a couple of Juanito's friends from Zumba did the Zombie Dash, and Beth, the kids, and i went to watch for a little while. The kids totally enjoyed watching it, and Zane especially was super excited to participate this year.

It was raining today. And it's chilly. And Katrina was at her cousin's birthday party, so she and i were late getting there...and apparently Zane was absolutely miserable. Poor little guy. I brought him an old, tattered coat, borrowed from my mom (a coat that was, incidentally, perfect for being a zombie), and he leapt out at people from behind a thing and...kind of enjoyed himself, in-between bouts of misery because he didn't think he was scaring people enough or people were bumping into him or....? It's hard being a nine-year-old zombie.

Everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves, though. Juanito was kind of over-the-top bloody, and Katrina was a fresh kill who was only barely a zombie, along with Beth, who was a zombie cheerleader. Houston and Stephanie and the rest of the people kind of fell in the middle of the gory-meter.

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