Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Beth's birthday! Woohoo!

Today was Beth's birthday, and i got to spend it with her. Yay!

There's a giant mural on a wall a mile or so away, and it's completely random and weird and changes from one look to a completely different look about four times. It's perfect for using as a backdrop for pictures. So Beth posed, and i stood in the middle of the street, hoping not to get hit, and we took birthday pictures. And they're totally cute.

We didn't do anything very exciting, honestly, but we hung out all day and ran some errands and went out for dessert and went to Rockford to walk around and see pretty colors, and in the evening we had cake and presents and grilled cheese with the rest of my family.

The kids (and Juanito) were really happy to celebrate too - both because they love Beth, and because...cake! Katrina made Beth a little banner that says, "You are so awesome!" and a little picture that's completely adorable. And Juanito installed Beth's garage door opener and made an adorable picture with a hedgehog and a fox and an owl drinking coffee. Done with melted crayons. So cute.

And they they all went to zumba. And then Beth and i watched Pitch Perfect 2 and both fell asleep by the end, with Emma curled up happily between us.

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