Wednesday, October 15, 2014


It's been over a month since i last posted. But it's not my fault! I blame ArtPrize! It started and then suddenly i lost 3 weeks to complete craziness.

Beth and i were talking about it yesterday, and both of us had the same experience this year, where we felt like we just really wanted to go to all of the venues. That's a little bit impossible, since this year there were 174 venues, but it was less impossible than you might think, because i did get to 122 of them. One of the last days of ArtPrize, i was looking at pictures of previous years' ArtPrizes, and i realized that i don't usually get quite THIS obsessed. I mean, we always go down many times, but this year, we went to at least a few places almost every day. 

This is what i think happened: The first day or two of ArtPrize this year, we went to a couple of the big, main venues. And i was kind of disappointed. There was SOME good stuff in them - (especially in Devos) Outcry and the giant mosaic of the autumn woods to name two of my favorites - but overall, i just...didn't feel like there was as much awesomeness as i expected. And then we went to a few of the smaller venues, and that's when i started to love ArtPrize again. It's like someone made a decision to put less in the big venues and more awesomeness in the small venues this year. And if that's the case? Then we needed to go to the smaller venues! I didn't want to miss the awesomeness! 

I might have gotten a little bit obsessed.

Beth took a day off work, and the two of us walked around all day one day. Juanito's mum visited for four days, so we got to show her our city in the height of its festivities, and then Karen D. visited for three days, so we got to show her around too. She and i walked around all day one rainy day, and she helped me get to a lot of the smaller venues that we hadn't hit yet. Then my mom wanted to see ArtPrize, so she and i walked around all day another day. Yay! I love being able to share the joy of so much great art to see and experience.

It ended on Sunday night. As we left the very last venue of the year, both Katrina and Houston separately told me something along the lines of, "Is it okay that i'm kind of happy it's over?" Not. At. All. We're all a little bit burned out right now. 

So now we have 11 months to recuperate before next year! 

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