Monday, November 7, 2016


Pictures are here.  Blogger won't let me actually put a picture at the top today. Weird.

It's the day before the election, and i am so very, very ready for it to just be over. But Hillary Clinton came to Grand Rapids today, and Juanito really wanted to get the kids out of school and take them to the rally.

I believe the conversation yesterday went something like this:
Me: "But i really don't want to take the kids out of school unless it's for something medical."
Him: "It's educational! They'll get to see history!"
Me: "Okay. Why don't you ask their principal and see if he thinks that's an acceptable excuse?"

So Juanito actually emailed the principal this morning and asked him if that would be an acceptable excuse. And he emailed back, "Sure!" So.

We only took the kids out of the last hour and a half of school, so it wasn't like they were missing an entire day, at least. Katrina, especially, was VERY concerned that it not mess with her perfect attendance.

Juanito was in charge of it all, and he was all, "We don't have to get there until 2:00." So that's when we got there. And lo, there was a LINE. Like, a long, long, long, long line. We waited and waited and waited. Katrina, from the time we got there, was all sad, because, as she said, "I'd rather be in school." Not because she hated the rally, but because she would actually rather be in school. (Nerd!) (I mean, nerd in the best possible way!)

After a little over 2 hours in line, a random guy walking by told someone he knew, "There's a much, much shorter line over there that nobody knows about." I grabbed him and asked him to clarify. He was all, "Yeah, this line's only actually supposed to be for GVSU students. The other line is for everyone else." To clarify: NOBODY knew about this line. Almost every single person in the line was NOT a student, so it wasn't like we were just being dumb.

Juanito stayed in line where we were just to hold the spot in case it wasn't true, and the kids and i went in search of this mythical line. And it existed! Ultimately, we were SO lucky we switched, because we were among the very last people to make it into the building, and if we'd been in the other line, we would been incredibly sad to have waited in line for two and a half hours for nothing. I felt really sad for all of the people around us who DID wait for hours for nothing!

Anyhow. We were way, way in the back, and could only barely see Hillary, but we can now say that we saw her with our own eyes. If she wins tomorrow, i'll be able to now say that i've seen four presidents. Reagan, the first Bush, Obama, and Clinton. So i'm so far an even split on Republicans and Democrats, it seems....

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