Saturday, October 15, 2016

ArtPrize 2016 recap!

There are nearly 500 ArtPrize pictures here. Just in case anyone is actually interested.

ArtPrize 2016 ended about a week ago, and for the past week we've been enjoying getting back into the normal, boring routine. I absolutely love ArtPrize, and i love going downtown and walking around and experiencing it all, and i wouldn't wish to not have it, BUT i'm glad that it only lasts three weeks. (Four weeks, if you're doing the preview week like we did....)

Beth and i both managed to make it to all of the venues, which means that we saw nearly all of the art (i'm sure we missed a thing or two), and i can say that there was a LOT of really great art. A few of my favorite things:

 This statue was so amazingly realistic, which alone is impressive, but the emotion that is all over their faces and body language. I'd have been okay with this winning, honestly.

These season pictures are both really beautiful and also interesting enough to just stand and look at for a really long time. Juanito and i both agreed that we'd want to have these hanging in our house.

Okay, i don't exactly "love" these, but i do just think they're really, really cute. Little felted balls! Random! Adorable!

We went to Meijer Gardens, and right afterwards i told Beth that it was "Meh. Nothing too exciting." But then, for the next week or two, i kept thinking about two of the pieces. They're not my favorite, favorite things, but the more time that went by, the more that i liked them.

 This was a series of little pictures of eyes, that completely sucked me in. This one is my favorite.

This drawing is so, so beautiful. 

This is another one that i didn't love immediately, but the longer i stood and looked at it, the more i liked it. Not because i think it's so well done, but because i just love the feel of it. It reminds me of family reunions.

This giant train track was built piece by piece by this adorable little old man who was sitting there every time i was there. Beth and i talked to him on the last day we were there, and he was just incredibly happy to talk about how he made it.

This was a really, really cool installment of a zillion strings of different colors strung between the ceiling and the floor. Everywhere you stood, it looked different and beautiful.

This was my absolutely favorite thing in all of ArtPrize this year. It's a handmade, woven rug, and it's simply amazing. A. Maz. Ing. It didn't even make the top 20. I was sad.

Nothing that won was my favorite at all, and some of it was completely ridiculously terrible, so i'm not even going to post any of those results. This is my own little ArtPrize awards. :)

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