Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Three weeks of summer left!

Today was the day we had to go to school to sign anything that needed to be signed in person, to make sure we'd finished all of the online forms, and to avoid getting roped into all of the volunteering ever. It also marked the "exactly three weeks until the first day of school" day. No one is ready to go back to school. Myself included.

My kids all wanted to get swim masks, and we hadn't gotten them yet, so after going to school, we stopped at Meijer to get some. Initially, i asked a couple of the girls working there if they had any swim masks, and they were all, "Nope! They're all gone. It's all lawn care now!" Disappointment reigned. I decided to check anyhow, and there, in the very back corner of the store, we hit the jackpot! Lots of swim masks! Three different kinds! In all different colors! Life is exciting!

Seriously, that's about as exciting as life got today. We bought groceries. And another chicken in case Emma's gets lost or destroyed, because she loves it SO MUCH. Katrina left for a sleepover with another friend of hers. We watched the Olympics. There was reading and drawing and lots of chicken-throwing for Emma. So it was a good day, for those of us who are introverts.

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